When we collectively created MIDC, the mission was quite simple:

Creating truly unique experiences that celebrate and enhance ecosystems.

When you break it down, it is firstly centred on people, more specifically your experience and your journey, and secondly, on the ecosystem and where the destinations sit.

When we develop destinations, we want them enhance the environmental, cultural, social, and economic fabric of the place in which they are located.

Everything we do is centred around people.

We create places, spaces and destinations for people. There are many terms for this but we like to call it “people places.”

“People Places” are just that, spaces and destinations designed with people at the centre.

We take immense care in developing the qualities of the space and destination, most importantly looking at how people use the space and at every single detail as this collectively creates your lasting impression of the place.

Our spaces bring people back. We do not design and develop places for one-off users.

We develop places for what we like to call our extended family.

A place where you can enjoy, relax and unwind in. Each destination has unique qualities that cannot be mimicked or recreated elsewhere, overall creating your unique experience.

We classify the ecosystem as the environment in which our destinations sit, a holistic system combing the environmental, social, cultural and economic fabric of the place.

Summarised with a single purpose of simply creating a better world.

Develop + Design + Build + Maintain + Operate

Mawarid International Development Company (MIDC) is the strategic development arm of Mawarid Holding Investment (MHI).

We offer a truly holistic development service through our integrated delivery model for our internal portfolio and select partners.

In short, we incubate ideas and transform them into a reality.
our differentiator

MIDC’s integrated delivery model and organizational structure offers unique benefits

Truly Integrated Development

With expertise across the full development life cycle, we can seamlessly integrate the various inputs of each key development stakeholder across all development stages. This targeted collaboration substantially reduces development risk and ensures long term operational success.

Value for Money and Cost Certainty

Our vast in house offering of consulting, contracting, supply and operating expertise allows us to provide highly cost-effective, full life-cycle development offerings through economies of scale.

Reduced Time to Market

Our integrated model affords us the ability to optimize our development schedules, outside the typical constraints of separate procurement periods. This results in you being able to open your development and generate revenue far earlier than could typically be achieved.

and we know how to
resource it

We are a passionate, driven and dedicated team of individuals striving together to create a better world.

It is extremely important for us as a collective and as individuals that our destinations not only compliment the existing fabric of an area but celebrate, improve and regenerate it.